* Knowledge Enhanced Compressive Measurement, DARPA subcontract from Duke University

* Hyperspectral Imaging and Anomaly Detection, Air Force Office of Scientific Research

* Geometry in Geospatial Representation and Analysis, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency

* Level Set Based Multiresolution Deformable Models and the Constrained Motion of Hypersurfaces; Applications to Digital Terrain Mapping, supported by the Office of Naval Research.

* A Uniform Hybrid Monte Carlo Method for Simulation of Rarified Material Dynamics, Sponsored by DARPA, subcontract to WestMath LLC

* Discontinuous Galerkin algorithms for Maxwell’s equations and in a general multidisciplinary framework, with Hypercomp, Inc.

* Interpolation of unorganized points, curves, surface patches, applications to JIGSAW project, Internal R & D, with some interaction with Boeing, Seattle

* Level Set and Ghost Fluid Based Underwater Shock Analysis, Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, joint project with Weidlinger Associates, Inc., and Florida State University (See Computational Results)

* Topologically and Geometrically Accurate Digital Terrain Elevation Compression,
Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research:
Compression, Slope Recovery, Quantization, Image Inpainting, Laser Reconstruction
Presentation at NITFS Technical Board Meeting : Slope Preserving DTED Compression

* Dynamic Radar Cross Section: a Geometrical/Eulerian Approach to Computing High Frequency Radar Scattering Cross Sections, sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, subcontract to Flow Analysis, Inc.
Presentation on August 28, 2003 : High Frequency Wave Propagation Using the Level Set Method
Movies: Sphere, Ellipsoid, Torus