GEOTurbo LidaX – Point Cloud Compression Solution

Level Set SDK – Point Cloud Compression SDK for Developer

GEOTurbo – Image Compression Solutions


Level Set Systems has developed a new method for the compression of 3D point cloud data that can achieve high compression ratios, with a great accuracy. Although the method is lossy, we consider it a “smart lossy” in the sense that it preserves critical and detailed features, with a predefined error bound. One can specify …

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The GEOTurbo SDK is Lidar Compression Software Development Toolkit in your platform. GEOTurbo¬†SDK gives you everything you need to compress Lidar Data in your programs. With support for simple API functions, you can rely on us to provide powerful 3D Lidar and Point Cloud Compression features, so you can concentrate on building better applications. Add …

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